Part 2 (out of 8) Painting Background – Line and Wash Painting of a Snail in the Rain – Real Time

line and wash watercolor

This series of line and wash painting videos is inspired by my deep desire to make this magical medium of watercolor easy for everyone. While I love the beautiful, multi-layered watercolor style, line and wash technique sets you free to explore many subjects on the go. While painting plein-air, you… Please click to see full post & comment >>

Part1 Drawing – Line and Wash Painting of a Snail in the Rain – Real Time by Lela Stankovic

snail line and wash watercolor painting

Hi Friends 🙂 Here’s a simple and easy line and wash painting of a snail in real time, with detailed notes. This is Part 1 and subsequent real-time videos will be uploaded on subsequent Saturdays. How to Get Reference Photo You can download a reference photo from “Paint And Draw… Please click to see full post & comment >>

Challenge 76 Bug on flower

Artist: Shirley Bond
Medium: mixed_media
Size: 6"x 8"

Sorry this is late. Medical problems this month to deal with. This was a trial painting with alcohol inks. I have never done this before. It was difficult but so much fun to do. I rather like the bright colors and the different look of it. Almost an abstract painting Please click to see full post & comment >>

Le bourdon sur l’ azalée

Artist: Valérie Mafrica
Medium: watercolor
Size: a4

Hi everybody!!! This is my second essay of the proposed topic. I executed it more freely by adding touches of color and allowing the water and the pigments to interact. I’m not convinced of the result but I like the spontaneity that emerges. Thank you all and forward for the… Please click to see full post & comment >>

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