Artist: S. Richard Shook
Medium: oil
Size: 20 x 16

I thought it would be fun to look closely at these, vv Georgia O’keef, then just to play with the complementary nature of green and red.  Alth0ugh I used several reds:  Quinicidrone Rose, Cadmium Red Light (if I remember right) and Qunicidrone Red.  I used to greens:  Thalo Green and Chromium Green Oxide, and I plugged a bit of Cerulean Blue in there too along with some Cadmium Yellow, and Hansa Yellow.

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  1. Well done. I love the Georgia O’Keefe effect. Your apples look delicious! Neat painting.

  2. I like your other great solution! It is a kind of wake-up call for moving out of the ordinary.

    • Thank you! I was thinking that in the truth of the physicality of something like apples (or are they crabapples?) that new truth is created in the retelling (as in the photograph). Why not mess with that new truth? Fictionalize it, reorganize it, break it apart and rebuild it? Sometimes I never take things far enough.

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