Birds in a Tree: Paint and Draw Together Art Challenge 85 (Oct 13 -Nov 24,2019)

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Challenge 84. I continue to be amazed by the creative interpretation of different artists for the same subject.

I am so grateful for your participation as it brings all of us together in so many nice ways. As artists, we are always looking for feedback, encouragement, and support – and that’s why your comments mean so much.

However, I know that as artists we would rather get our brushes in action than spend time talking about art 🙂 so let’s get started with a new challenge!

The New Painting Challenge 85: Birds in a Tree

For this new challenge, please see the photo below of beautiful birds frolicking in the tree.

The photo is a high-resolution picture that you can download on your laptop, and optionally, print out as a reference for your painting.

How to Paint or Draw this Art Challenge?

Painting or drawing this photo reference is really only part of the challenge – first as an artist, you have to examine this photo reference very closely and identify the elements you want to focus on. Let your skill and intuition as an artist guide you, as you identify the important elements and eliminate the noise around the subjects in the reference photo. Only then will your painting be a truly be a well-composed work of art.

I did not want to constrain you into any direction and that’s why I shied away from giving a very tightly composed picture to start with. Please use any medium and any style to create your painting or drawing.

If you are a beginner please do not worry. Each of us was a beginner at one time – and perhaps all of us are beginners at all times as we explore new elements in life. This is not a judgmental site or challenge and everybody is welcome as long as you make an honest attempt to do your best. Our goal is to help each other.

How to participate in this Paint and Draw Together art challenge?

I invite you to create a drawing or painting based on this photograph and upload it through the submit button on this site. That’s it! Your picture would be instantly live on this site.

Finally, it would be very encouraging to all if you could post comments on posts by other artists.

How Can You Help?

I have been asked this question a lot of times from artists: “How can I help?” Paint and Draw Together, is, of course, free for artists. There is no cost to the artist for participating. However, I was thinking that perhaps I could request you to help in another way – by spreading the word about PADT. When you post your picture on this site – please also share it on your favorite social media – e.g. Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – and use the hashtag #paintanddrawtogether. This would be a huge support.


To participate in this challenge, please sign in to this website and create a new post as a response to the current challenge, the latest by November 24, 2019.

After that, we will be having a new challenge.

Happy Painting!
Thank You 🙂

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