Art Challenge #88: “A Rabbit’s Dream” (Jun 27 – Aug 17, 2020)

As I write this post, the first words which come to my mind are THANK YOU.

Despite these difficult times, so many artists participated in the previous challenge and also so many of you reached out to me to say hi and ask about my well being. It makes me feel so grateful to be a part of a group of people who are so caring. I wish I had the words to express how much I was touched by your messages of concern.

Thank You so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. And, my most sincere best wishes and prayers are with you, and I hope that all of us come out of these troublesome times stronger and better.

Though I couldn’t post a new art challenge picture on time, I had been thinking of several subjects and when I saw this rabbit peacefully resting it immediately won my heart. I thought you would like it too.

I hope you enjoy this new “art challenge #88,” and it gives you a chance to take a break and relax and unwind.

About the Composition for Art Challenge #88

This is one of the three rabbits that love to visit this backyard. They have their favourite spots to rest and hide, and of course well marked areas with grass and vegetables that qualify for the all you can eat buffet :).

This one is the biggest, then there is a small one and then one who is even smaller one, not much bigger than a mouse. All of them are so cute, and they are not much afraid of people. Perhaps they know in their hearts that even if they eat up all the lettuce and cut the peas plants in half which we have tended for months, we will still love these rabbits and not throw a pebble to hurt them. When we are banging the sticks to scare them, they know it’s just annoying noise and they slowly retreat to the quieter parts of the backyard instead of running away. One of them even came to say Hi and sniffed my shoes.

I love this composition. There is small area of dappled sunlight at the very front, and then there is a nice and cool shade covering the rest.

You are free to paint the whole composition or any part of it. Let’s be honest. This is a very complex subject to paint and even an attempt is a great victory. Have fun and enjoy the nature at its best.

This art challenge ends on Aug 17, 2020. After that, we will be having a new art challenge.

How to Participate in this Art Challenge #88

  1. Use the composition photo posted above to create a painting or drawing – in any chosen medium.
  2. When finished painting: Sign-in to your account or register free:
  3. Once you are signed in – Upload an image of your work here: Submit Painting:

Dos and Don’ts

Please post only such paintings or drawings which are based on the composition above.

Please don’t upload pictures unrelated to this challenge 🙂

I hope you enjoy this art challenge. Happy Painting!

Thank You.

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  1. Has anyone heard from Lela? it’s now almost 2months since the last challenge and I know maybe there are problems all around.

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