Bright Side of the Morning

Artist: Lela Stankovic
Medium: watercolor
Size: 12x16 inches

My initial idea was to keep the painting with a white background. And then, as it sometimes happen, a few unplanned colored water drops found their way from my water jar to the pristine white background, and the stain could not be removed. Obviously, I had to introduce background. And here it is. 95% of the painting was done by using wet on wet technique, and 5% dry brush. All is soft, dreamy and hazy. It reminds me how we look and feel first thing in the morning, before the first cup of coffee or tea.

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  1. What a fantastic painting. So much detail,beautiful.

  2. A lovely painting and I think far better than the original photo which was rather on the dark side. The detail on the rose and peanuts is accurate and extremely clear. I love the yellow haze in the background, it makes me think of a lovely sunny and bright morning.

  3. A wonderful painting. It’s perfect!!!

  4. Wow! Such great detail. What brushes do you use?

  5. I’m not impressed with it, it’s so wonderful. The fact that it has almost a real impact, I think this is a painting technique, maybe more layered?

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