Birds in a Tree: Paint and Draw Together Art Challenge 85 (Oct 13 -Nov 24,2019)

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Challenge 84. I continue to be amazed by the creative interpretation of different artists for the same subject. I am so grateful for your participation as it brings all of us together in so many nice ways.…

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Artist: S. Richard Shook
Medium: oil
Size: 20 x 16

I thought it would be fun to look closely at these, vv Georgia O’keef, then just to play with the complementary nature of green and red.  Alth0ugh I used several reds:  Quinicidrone Rose, Cadmium Red Light (if I remember right) and Qunicidrone Red.  I used to greens:  Thalo Green and…

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