Challenge 74 – Celebrate Small Things that Make You Happy

Hello and welcome to challenge 74 🙂

I hope you will enjoy the new challenge.

And many many thanks to everybody who participated in the previous challenge. Your participation, sharing and comments motivate me and each of us so much. Thank you!

About the composition

Very often we aim for big and glorious things in life, getting to busy in “wanting”, and not finding time to enjoy “having”, overlooking simple things around us that truly make us happy. Something I like to call a true art of living. Finding a joy and happiness in small things around us.

I wanted to dedicate this challenge to what makes YOU happy.

Choose the subject you like, that makes you happy, and paint it and send us a story in the post description telling us why. What is in it that is so attractive?

It might be a personal story you would like to share, or anything you choose to share.

As an example, for myself I have chosen attached photo. And my story will be like the one below.

You are free to choose the same photo reference, or come up with your own.

My story

It was a gloomy, rainy morning. The whole nature was immersed into a layer of grayness and cold breeze with occasional random water drops falling down as if they are carefully choosing on which leaf or flower to fall. I was outside, enjoying a walk, surrounded by wild flowers, when one of them attracted my attention. The field was full of deep ultramarine blue flowers, and among them there was one small pink flower. It was calling me, and I picked it.

Then a few steps later I saw a small snail on the road, passed it, and then came back to it. Wait, I told myself, there is a nice composition here I could make, to celebrate this very moment and small things in life that make us happy. And here it is. A photo as a painting reference celebrating small things in life … random wild flower with a small snail in no hurry to get anywhere surrounded by water drops.

To participate in this challenge, please sign in to this website and create a new post as a response to the current challenge, the latest by August 19, 2018. After that we will be having a new challenge.

Happy drawing and painting!

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  1. Hope I did the right move. I signed in to confirme my participation.

    • Thank you Solange. When you post your painting, all happens automatically. You just sign in and post it, or comment on other posts. And don’t forget to write your story 🙂 and add it to the description.
      Thanks again, and have a wonderful day.

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