Challenge 76 – Bumble Bee and Flowers

Challenge 76 – Bumble Bee and Flowers

Welcome to challenge 76. I hope you are staying warm, and having a very nice and enjoyable fall.  With vacations being an understandable priority I really appreciate you were taking your precious time and posting in our last challenge. Your participation, sharing and comments motivate me and each of us so much. Thank you!

About the composition

In this challenge I would like to ask you to use the reference as a guidance and create your own composition.

If what has been provided is inspiring to paint go for it, if not please feel free to arrange flowers, leaves, bee the way you like it the most.

To participate in this challenge, please sign in to this website and create a new post as a response to the current challenge, the latest by November 11, 2018. After that we will be having a new challenge.

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