Frequently Asked Questions

What are your terms and conditions?

Very simple really. All pictures & content you upload must be your own and you must never infringe on anyone’s copyright. This is a community run site based on trust.

There is a more comprehensive version of terms and conditions and privacy policy if you are interested.

Who owns the copyright to paintings displayed on this website (

The individual artists who participate in the challenge own the copyrights to their paintings. You must contact them directly if you are interested in the artwork.

Rules For Participation

There aren’t too many rules really.

♣ Please make sure that the size of the image you upload is less than 200KB.

How to make your image smaller?
There are many different ways you can make an image smaller. Here is a step by step guide for windows.
(1)Make a backup copy of your image first for safety.
(2)On Windows you open your image in “Paint”
(3)Select “Resize” from the top menu.
(4)Select “Resize by pixels”.
(5)Choose 400 as the “Horizontal” value.
(6)Make sure that “Maintain aspect ratio” is selected.
(7)Now press ok.
(8)Finally save your image.
Now when you see in windows explorer, the image size should have reduced siginificantly – to less than 200kb.

♣ Painting and drawing must be done by hands … in any chosen medium.
Oil, acrylic, watercolor, gauche, pastel, pencil, charcoal, any other – all are welcomed. Pan, brush, pallet knife, fingers … use it
all to produce your piece of art – but do not digitally alter it.

Using the Challenge Photo Reference

A new high quality photo reference will be posted every 6 weeks with a few basic notes covering areas you need to pay attention to.

You need to click on the photo in the blog which will open a higher resolution photo in a separate window and save it for your painting reference.

How do I learn from participating in Challenges?

The complexity of the subject will vary in different challenges.
These reference compositions in the challenges will be designed to engrave in your mind the importance of values, soft and hard edges, lights and shadows. They will train your eyes to distinguish highlights, light, middle tone, core shadows, main shadows, reflected light and cast shadows.


Why is my submission to the challenge not visible?

When you register will be asked for after email activation. After you activate your account, you can post your submission to the challenge and comment on other posts.

Your post will be held for moderation and will become visible after approval by an administrator.

This is only to protect the site from non relevant posts.


That’s it! Let’s get started 🙂 Head up to the “Submit” button, register free and upload a photo of your painting based on the latest reference photo.

Happy Painting!

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