Line and Wash Painting: Real Time Painting Video “Snail in the Rain” (Part 5 of 8)

While I like watching all kinds of art videos on YouTube, I especially love real-time videos. This is because I can then really learn from the artist as he or she is going about creating a painting or drawing. And I love line and wash paintings.

So I thought why not create a video in real time of my own line and wash painting process, perhaps it may be useful for another artist. And… here’s my video for you 🙂

I have uploaded my line and wash painting video in eight parts so you can have bite size chunks of watching.

A simple and easy line and wash painting of a snail in real time, with detailed notes. This is Part 5 out of 8.

Art Supplies used for this Line and Wash Painting

– Various artist watercolor paints, as displayed throughout the video
– Paper: 7″x5″ Arches 100% cotton, 140lb cold press watercolor paper
– Ink Pen: In my videos I usually use one of the following
* Waterproof Demco India Ink (pigmented, opaque) and dip pan with a super fine Speedball 104 nib.
* Waterproof Speedball Super Black India Ink (100% carbon black pigmented, opaque) and dip pan with a super fine Speedball 104 nib.
* Micron 005 waterprrof archival pigmented ink pen.
* Uniball 0.5 mm black ink pen (waterproof, manufacturer says archival and lightfast).
* Alternatively, you can use any waterproof, archival, lightfast, pigmented ink & dip pan with an extra fine nib.

Resources for Artists

Subscribe to PADT YouTube Channel (The entire playlist – all 8 videos – are available on my channel):

Join the Paint And Draw Together Art Community (this is a completely free art community for artists in any medium – e.g. Watercolor, Oil, Drawings, Pen and Ink, Line and Wash, Pastel, Pencil:

My (Lela Stankovic) Website:

Watercolor Painting Book for Artists

Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages:
iBook edition:


I hope you enjoy this line and wash painting video just as I have enjoyed and learned from videos of other artists on YouTube.

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