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Art can often be too solitary an activity. That’s why sometimes groups of artists rent joint-studios so they can paint together. As an example, on Toronto Island, near the city of Toronto, there are “Artist Residencies,” which allow artists to come together for a short season. In some small way, with a forum like Paint and Draw Together, we seek to enjoy the same benefits of camaraderie and support from each other. Think of Paint and Draw Together (PADT) as an online atelier or simply a place to come together and enjoy art with other warm-hearted, supportive artists. Each of us brings our own style and medium and unique ways of painting and drawing the same subject and we learn from each other.

Looking at so many different styles of painting also encourages us to appreciate and enjoy art from different perspectives. I was thinking recently how there are so many different ways to enjoy a painting or drawing. On one hand, a viewer could enjoy the beauty of the painting as it captures the subject. On the other hand, the paintings celebrate light and color and they can completely transfix our attention and evoke so many emotions.

I came across this quote from Rachel Wolf who sums up, what I am sure each of us has felt while painting: “Color is fun, color is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, the window of the soul.

I am grateful for your visit, your comments and your participation in Paint and Draw Together.
Thank You!

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  1. Thank you for your words!

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