Our Journey So Far in PADT Artist Community

In the beginning of this month, on April 2, 2018, we finally had our own new home for PADT artist community – this site! Over time, I had started feeling that blogspot, while it served us so well for so long, had its limitations, and we needed more freedom. Our goal has always been to share our art – watercolors, oil paintings, drawings and other mixed media art – and learn from each other’s painting techniques and comments.

What’s New in PADT Art Website

As an example some of the new things in PADT site are:

  • •  all of us should be able to post whenever we want
  • •  easily see the latest comments
  • •  quickly checkout the most commented posts for inspiration

Custom Profiles for Member Artists in PADT

One of the enhancements, we have now is the ability to add more details in our profile. Now you can add your website, blog, Facebook page etc. links in your profile, so visitors to PADT can then also visit your own blogs through these links.

I have included in this picture an example of my own profile.

To add information to your profile:

  • • Go to https://www.paintanddrawtogether.com/members/
  • • Find your name (you may have to go to other pages using the link at the bottom of the member page). If you have not registered with PADT yet, you will need to first register before your name show up in this member directory page.
  • • Please see the arrow I have marked in the profile which explains that you can edit (& add information) to your profile) using the gear in right hand corner of your profile.

This is completely optional of course, but it’s a great way to get PADT visitors to visit your own blog or websites if you are interested.

Your Suggestions for Improvement are Welcome!

When the site was launched I got more excellent suggestions from many of you which I have tried my best to put in as soon as possible. I look to all of us for inspiration and I hope that this allow us to interact and help each other. Please do share your comments on what improvements will make the site easier to use for all of us. Even if I can’t immediately implement your advice, I will put it on my ToDo List and will continue to work towards it.

Thank you once again for your amazing support!

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  1. Thanks Lela! So on facebook I can share this artistic community.

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