Part 2 (out of 8) Painting Background – Line and Wash Painting of a Snail in the Rain – Real Time

line and wash watercolor This series of line and wash painting videos is inspired by my deep desire to make this magical medium of watercolor easy for everyone.

While I love the beautiful, multi-layered watercolor style, line and wash technique sets you free to explore many subjects on the go. While painting plein-air, you can capture houses, objects, nature and wildlife so quickly with line and wash.

The challenge lies in simplifying your composition and capturing only the most essential elements, while not losing the core character of your subject.

I have posted these videos in real time (without speeding them up), so if you like, you can actually follow along with me.

About this video

Extract from my YouTube description of the video: “A simple and easy line and wash painting of a snail in real time, with detailed notes. This is Part 2 out of 8. Next real-time video will be uploaded on the next Saturday. You can download a reference photo from PADT web site and follow along. Suitable for complete beginners or simply as a practice.

Every Saturday I will be uploading a new video demonstrating a simple painting, and you are invited to follow along and learn and paint.”

Other videos in this series

Here is where you can find the first video of this series: Snail in the Rain – Video #1

How to follow along with me

If you would like to paint along with me in the video: you can get the reference photo from the original challenge post here: Challenge 74 – Snail in the Rain (with high resolution reference photo) and also, you can view some of the beautiful paintings artists in PADT have painted in response to this challenge: Paintings & Drawings in Response to Challenge 74 – Snail in the Rain.

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Very well to learn how to paint with watercolors.

  2. You can follow the technique nicely! It was fun to watch and learn from it. Thanks!

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