Part 3 (out of 8) 1st Layer of Grass – Line and Wash Painting of a Snail in the Rain – Real Time

A simple and easy line and wash painting of a snail in real time, with detailed notes. This is Part 3 out of 8. Next real-time video will be uploaded on the next Saturday. You can download a reference photo from PADT web site and follow along.

This composition is very suitable for complete beginners or simply as a practice for seasoned artists.

If you would like to see how other artists have painted this composition, here’s the link:

Every Saturday I will be uploading a new video demonstrating a simple painting, and you are invited to follow along and learn and paint.

Art Supplies:
——————— –
– Various artist watercolor paints, as displayed throughout the video
– Paper: 7″x5″ Arches 100% cotton, 140lb cold press watercolor paper
– Ink Pen: In my videos I usually use one of the following
– Waterproof Demco India Ink (pigmented, opaque) and dip pan with a super fine Speedball 104 nib.
– Waterproof Speedball Super Black India Ink (100% carbon black pigmented, opaque) and dip pen with a super fine Speedball 104 nib.
– Micron 005 waterprrof archival pigmented ink pen.
– Uniball 0.5 mm black ink pen (waterproof, manufacturer says archival and lightfast).
– Alternatively, you can use any waterproof, archival, lightfast, pigmented ink & dip pan with an extra fine nib.

Hope you enjoy this video and find it useful!

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  1. Thank you for the information. I enjoyed the painting, which became very beautiful!

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