Surprise Caterpillar

caterpillar 2
Artist: Shirley Bond
Medium: watercolor
Size: 6" x 6"

I am calling this a surprise as I went into my garden to see how my plants were doing only to see that they were being eaten by a beautiful Caterpillar which I am sure will turn into a beautiful butterfly. My watercolor technique is still being dominated by the use of my process for using acrylics for many years I think. I can’t seem to make the colors lighter but I’l keep on trying !!

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  1. I like to work wet in wet with watercolor sometimes. I also work with acrylics and sometimes I like to make it look like watercolor! LOL.

  2. A beautiful caterpillar. Sorry for your plants.

    • The plants don’t worry me as I try to grow mostly naturals endemic to the area and encourage the wild creatures. But it is nice to see the flowers as well!

  3. What a beautiful caterpillar and a very lovely painting. :o)

  4. Dear Shirlay,
    Your story is as beautiful as your painting. I was imagining a rich green foliage as a party table for this beautiful creature, which very soon would turn into a princess.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.

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