Bouquet of wild clovers

bouquet trèfles Dax
Artist: Patricia Wischlen
Medium: acrylic
Size: 24 x 30 cm
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  1. I also like to pick wild flowers during my walking tours. I found them so nice that I painted this little bouquet last spring. As we were renting a studio, I had to cut a plastic bottle to put them into.

  2. Just a lovely painting of some wild flowers.

  3. Where are you?
    I feel me very alone here.
    I’m waiting for your paints.

  4. I am late this time. I have been working on a painting for another challenge that took longer than I expected.
    Soon I’ll catch up.

  5. Dear Shirley,my words were not for you. You are very present! Thanks and take your time.

  6. Dear Patricia,
    The vibrancy in your painting is so captivating, and so expressive, communicating sun-kissed day calling to get out and enjoy. I love it. I imagine “renting a studio” meant “renting a painting studio in nature” and could only imagine how much joy and fun it must have been. Thank you for posting, and sharing your story.

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