Orchid challenge

Artist: Sumera
Website/Blog: http://www.sumerakhan.com
Medium: mixed_media
Size: 6.5x5.25

I don’t usually paint nature/flowers as my works are contemporary and paint style is loose.  However,  I loved the challenge of creating lights and shadows in this piece.  I made this with alcohol pens.  I love how all the submissions are so amazingly unique and beautiful! 


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  1. I love this work! The markers add a fun texture. It both looks realistic and like a drawing. It looks very much like the reference photo. Great job!

  2. Beautiful rich, rich oranges!

    • Thank you so much! The colour orange has become one of my favorites to work with! I finished this other piece yesterday of Cara Cara Oranges and loveeeed playing with the hues 🙂

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