Line and Wash Painting of a Leaf with One Color by Lela Stankovic

Line and wash watercolor painting tutorial

Hello and welcome 🙂 I have been exploring line and wash, and I enjoy the simplicity and beauty of this painting process so much.  I recorded myself painting this beautiful leaf as I wanted to share with you my painting process. In Canada, even as summer starts fading into cold…

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Paint in Watercolor Line and Wash from Life – Drawing of Bittersweet Nightshade

lela stankovic watercolor

Hello fellow artists 🙂 I wanted to share with you a video I posted on YouTube today. A simple and easy line and wash painting demonstration of a bittersweet nightshade plant, from life, with a limited QOR mini watercolor set. This step by step tutorial is suitable for complete beginners,…

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Challenge 76 – Bumble Bee and Flowers

Welcome to challenge 76. I hope you are staying warm, and having a very nice and enjoyable fall.  With vacations being an understandable priority I really appreciate you were taking your precious time and posting in our last challenge. Your participation, sharing and comments motivate me and each of us…

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Challenge 75 “Female Duck”

Artist: Shirley Bond
Medium: watercolor
Size: 6" x 6"

I did a quick sketch and then gave the paper a wash in various colors that would suit as undercoat. Then I proceeded to repaint the whole duck and background with the corresponding colors on the duck. I soon saw that I really needed to do this on a larger…

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