Pear ACEO still life abstract style done with Alcohol Inks on Photo Paper

pear aceo
Artist: Penny Lee Stewart
Medium: drawing
Size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches

I am currently working with Alcohol Inks Markers and dried paints which I wet with a brush dipped in alcohol. I prefer to work in a “stylized” fashion, and experiment with different mediums.

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  1. Oh Penny, I am stunned with your creativity. Personally, I would never think in thousand years to combine marker, with dried paint and then at the top of that use photo paper. It looks so unified, the color combination is so pleasing and complementing, just love it. How did you get inspired to use this combination of art supplies to create your unique art style?

  2. Alcohol Ink is an interesting medium. It comes in liquid (which I put into a palette and let it dry if I want to use a paint brush), or the AI Markers which are much easier to control. When adding alcohol the inks move around and blend and create unique effects. The only drawback is the smell, and it can be toxic if you don’t have enough ventilation. Not a good thing to breathe!

  3. Thank you Penny. I learned something very interesting today from you.

  4. Re: Photo Paper, certain brands act very much like Yupo Paper and are very much less expensive. Kirkland is one of them, and I use the back side of that brand (not the shiny side) but others work better on the front side. You have to experiment.

  5. You mean it would work for watercolor in place of Yupo paper ? if so interesting to try

  6. Yes, very similar to Yupo. I buy a big package of Professional Glossy Kirkland Photo Paper on Amazon , and I use the back side, not the glossy side.

  7. I like your style. The black outline is very effective.

  8. Thanks, Debbie! I like trying all different styles. I don’t think I have one particular way of painting, and I use all sorts of different mediums, too.

  9. This technique has an interesting effect, similar to glass painting. I like the liveliness!

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