Poire fraîchement cueillie

Poire fraîchement cueillie
Artist: Elisabeth Bourraindeloup
Medium: oil
Size: 21 x 27 cm

Hello ! Sorry, I am late…

I have liked the light on the pear and all the greens.

Thank you for this challenge !

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  1. Très beau!Félicitations Élisabeth.

  2. Overall, your painting was very nicely captured and painted. It has soft edges, and elegant color transitions, creating balance and harmony.

    Thinking about what I would have tried if this was my painting, I would have probably toned down the orange color around the pear in the background, and most likely introduced brighter and more spring like greens to the leaves exposed to the light to introduce variety.

    Great painting. Love it.

  3. I loved the shine on the pear and the leaves. It really stands out from the green leaves.

  4. Thanks to Shirley, to Lela and to Patricia ! It’s encouranging !!!

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