Still Life with Pear Drawing

Artist: Lela Stankovic
Medium: drawing
Size: 11 x 14 inches

My drawing process

  • – I lightly draw a pencil outline of the entire composition.
  • – Then choose one section to work on at the top right corner ( I am right handed).
  • – Emphasize the darkest lines, and details.
  • – Fill in the areas in between with various value ranges.
  • – Then move down to the next section.
  • – Occasionally, I use a cloth wrapped around a paper stamp to blend graphite, or use a kneaded eraser to lift and obtain lighter values. Why cloth? A blending paper stick becomes very quickly covered with graphite, while cloth can always be re-positioned and be clean.
  • – Materials used: Stonehenge 100% cotton, 250 gsm paper, and graphite pencils – mechanical 0.5 mm pencil 2B, HB, and wooden sketching pencils 6B, and HB.
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  1. Very wonderful your drawing and your site.I understand now why you needed so much time to post a new challenge.You worked very hard and I’m in admiration. Thank you Lela.

  2. Beautiful drawing, Lela! :o)

  3. Yes indeed, beautiful drawing… it must take some time to do it even for an expert artist.

  4. The highlights and shadows are perfect! It is inspiring!

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