Still life with pear

still life with pear
Artist: Marie-Christine Lalange
Medium: watercolor
Size: 12 x 9

A difficult subject for me, I tried to think shadow !…but ! 

On Saunders Waterford paper 

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  1. I love Sounders Waterford. It is such a great 100% cotton watercolor paper. The dynamic and cheerfulness of your art is amazing. It simply puts me in a great mood when I just look at it. Everything is dancing around. Soft and undefined. I wander what motivated you to not soften the hard-edged cast shadow below the pear?

  2. I find this watercolor very nice.
    I just don’t be sure to understand the question of the shadow. Is it too dark because the neighbouring area is too white?
    Thank you Lela if you take time to answer at my question.

  3. My question was ” Why the edges of the shadows are so hard lined?”. I used Google translate and it says “Pourquoi les ombres ont des bords durs?” I don’t speak French 🙂

  4. Thank you Lela,I understand now.

  5. Dear Lela, you’re too good to me. Thank you. Indeed I tried to soften the hard edge but did not manage to, the hard edge was not voluntary !

  6. I like the background, too. It looks like a fabric tablecloth and is a nice contrast to the still life.

  7. I missed this, thank you very much for the advice helping us to analyse the image before starting painting, which we often don’t do, or me at least !
    Pity I don’t get a warning when the new challenge is

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