Sunshine Orchid Bright Orange

Artist: Genevieve Esson
Medium: watercolor
Size: 8.5"w x 11"h

Due to time limitations I chose a quick and spontaneous medium I love to use when wanting to express myself: Goauche Watercolor. I love the effects. Not sure if I met the requirements of subtle darks and lights for this CFA. But I want to thank you for the opportunity. it was fun! Love when I can create without trying to please an audience. It’s always a joy! 

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  1. it certainly is a fun painting. I love the combination of the colors, the liveliness, and joyousness it shows

  2. The bright and colourful flowers contrast the dark background very well. This piece is very fun great job!

  3. Belles couleurs gaies et vitaminées!

  4. The blue adds a nice happy touch!

  5. Great color usage for your wonderful composition!

  6. Definitely inspiring! I never used goauche before but your work begs to try!

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