The small snail and the wild flower.

L'escargot au trèfle 1
Artist: Patricia Wischlen
Medium: acrylic
Size: 24 x 30 cm
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  1. I choose your photo because it makes me remember a walking tour with my husband just after the rain.A lot of snails were ramping on the wet pavements and we had to be very carefull not to crush them.

  2. I especially like your snail and the effect of the background. A very well painted picture.

  3. It’s been pretty nice, I like the color solution of the background!

  4. Dear Patricia,
    What impresses me the most in your painting is a very impactful contrast between random and unpredictable background, and so well defined foreground objects. It makes them stand out even more, and communicate peace and calmness in the ocean of storms and whirlpools. Similar to the life, isn’t it. Thank you for sharing, and your creative expression. It did speak to me that way 🙂

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