Challenge 78 Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise painting
Artist: Shirley Bond
Medium: acrylic
Size: 10 x 8 inches

Difficult painting for me but it was my own fault. I had been using watercolors for so long I had almost forgotten how to blend and use acrylics. The painting ended up almost as an abstract!

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  1. Pas mal du tout Shirley! Tu as saisi l’essentiel.

  2. You caught the moody nature of this reference piece

  3. Thank you. I found the whole original photo rather “moody” and certainly different than the usual bird of paradise photos I have seen.

  4. I like the abstract quality you achieved. It fits the subject.

  5. Thanks Penny. It a very “abstract looking ‘ flower, isn’t it !!

  6. Your background solution is interesting! I like it because it highlights the flower!

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